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Building a reading habit is easy with Maneno. A pet dragon grows as your child progresses through reading levels, fun quizzes, and challenges. Watch your child develop reading skills, self-confidence and social skills!

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Spark a love for reading, for life.

It's more than developing reading and cognitive skills. It's about gaining confidence as they learn new words. And it is about forming a lifelong reading habit, leading to increased empathy, improved social skills, and better wellbeing.

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Read about how we got Oliver to spend more time on reading and less time on gaming. Or how Sofia overcame her shyness in class after finding confidence from reading.

Packed with features to support children with additional and special learning needs.
1) Text-to-speech
2) Adaptable backgrounds to reduce visual stress
3) Adaptable font sizes
4) Line focus
5) Dyslexia font


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