Terms of Use

1. Introduction

Welcome to the Maneno app ("Maneno reading app", "Maneno Parent"), which in short is a reading game that motivates reading, combined with a streaming service with e-books and audiobooks for school-age children. The Maneno app, including related websites and product variants: Maneno, Maneno for school use and Maneno for Note (collectively, the "Maneno Service"). The Maneno Service is marketed and published by Maneno Limited (the “Company”), which is also the sole owner of the Maneno Service.

Copyright © 2022 Maneno Holding Limited. All rights reserved.

Maneno Limited
Company number 09948601
Innovation Centre, Gallows Hill, Warwick, England, CV34 6UW

E-mail: hello@maneno.co.uk

2 Regarding these terms

The Company reserves the right to change these Terms from time to time.

Changed Terms and Prices must be notified directly to the Subscriber / Licensee via e-mail. Changes will take effect the following month for existing subscribers and immediately for newly subscribed subscribers. The company has the right to communicate with subscribers by phone, SMS, MMS or e-mail with information about offers, changes or anything else that applies to Maneno.

Updated version of these Terms, are always available via the user profile on the Maneno Service, where it can also be downloaded in PDF format.

3 Legal access to the Maneno service

Rightful access to the Maneno Service can be obtained with one or more of the following member types:
- Private member
- School member

3.1 Private member

The Maneno Service is offered to private individuals who create themselves individually via www.maneno.co.uk or directly in the Maneno app.

In these Terms, the parent (or guardian) who creates and administers the parent account, as well as the subscription (s) and user profile (s) under it, are referred to as the “Subscriber”; while the children who are linked to the parent account via user profiles and who are the primary users of Maneno are referred to as the "Member" in accordance with these Terms.

In addition, reference is made to the provisions for user creation, termination, terms of use, and handling of personal information, as described in these Terms.

3.2 School member
Maneno for school use, is offered to primary schools, which can enter into a separate License Agreement regarding access for all or selected of the school's school students. Trial access and specific price offers can be requested by contacting Maneno at support@maneno.co.uk, www.maneno.co.uk.

Students in classes or grade levels that are specifically covered by the school's license on Maneno.

At the student's first login and until the student's parents possibly creates a parent account, joins the school on behalf of the student these Terms.

In all cases, the same provisions apply to user creation, termination, terms of use, and handling of personal information, as described in these Terms, with the exception of section 5 Subscription, which is not relevant to Maneno for school use.

In Maneno for school use, the school enters as the "Licensee"; teachers / reading tutors are called "The Tutors / Tutor"; the parent is referred to as the “Subscriber” and students are referred to as the “Members / Member” in accordance with these Terms.

4 Use of Maneno

Maneno is targeted at children aged 5-12 years, but can also be used by younger as well as older children. In all cases, it is assumed that the children's use of Maneno is done with the help and guidance of a parent and possibly teacher / reading supervisor (“The Supervisors / Supervisor”).

4.1 Registration
The scope and process for registering for Maneno varies with the member type.

4.1.1 Private member
Membership in Maneno requires that the child's parent (or guardian) create a personal Parent Account on Maneno. In connection with the creation, the parent's contact information is registered, including name, address, telephone number, e-mail and password.The parent account is linked to one user profile per child who must have access to Maneno (the Member). The user profile can be associated with the child's own login at their own choice or a personal username and password that is unique to Maneno can be created. In connection with the user profile, a number of personal information is registered, including name, birthday, favorite genre, reading level, school and class, and possibly a profile picture.The subscriber approves the registration of the user profile and enters into a binding agreement with the Company on these Terms, by clicking on the button "Approve". Once the user profile has been approved, the Company will send a creation confirmation, as well as the selected subscription and user registration to the provided e-mail.

4.1.2 School member
Membership of Maneno for school use presupposes that the school prior to the establishment has an active license agreement with the Company, or alternatively has entered into an agreement on a trial period with Maneno or one of its distributors. Students will receive their own login to access Maneno. The first time the students log in, the students must register a set of information, including name, age, favorite genre, reading level and class, and possibly a profile picture. The students' parents can also set up a parent account, cf. 4.1.1. to which they can attach their children's login and thus act as Supervisors via Maneno Parent.

4.2 Updating contact information
The subscriber is responsible for ensuring that the information provided when registering both the parent account and the user profile is correct. Including that the e-mail address provided is correct and active. The subscriber has a duty to change his personal information with the Company, e.g. by changing email address. The subscriber can via www.maneno.co.uk get access to an overview of his active subscriptions and has the opportunity to correct his contact information.E-mail that the Company sends to the Subscriber's e-mail is considered to have come to the Subscriber's knowledge three days after sending. The company must within seven working days move the membership to another e-mail, if the subscriber has requested this by writing to support@maneno.co.uk from a valid e-mail.

5 Subscription

In order to access the service, private members must have a valid subscription, which can, for example, be subscribed via www.maneno.co.uk.
Subscriptions can only be taken out by persons who have reached the age of 18 and who are the parents (or guardians) of the child who is associated with the subscription.

For each valid subscription, Maneno is available for one child associated with the subscriber as long as the subscription is active.
NB. Several user profiles and associated subscriptions can be registered on the same Parent Account, so that siblings can be handled under the same Parent Account.

5.1 Subscription
When subscribing to www.maneno.co.uk, credit card information is registered and possibly discount code for the purpose of ongoing settlement of subscription payment. In connection with subscription subscription, an order confirmation for the settled amount is sent to the subscriber via the e-mail address provided.

5.2 Right of withdrawal

In accordance with the Distance Selling Act, the subscriber has a 14-day right of withdrawal on purchases calculated from the date the purchase is registered with the Company, regardless of when the user first logs on and uses the Service. If the subscriber regrets his purchase, this must be notified in writing to the Company via the contact form at www.maneno.co.uk or from a valid e-mail within 14 days of creation to support@maneno.co.uk.

5.3 Settlement
When the cancellation period has expired, the subscription payment is deducted prior to the relevant period for the selected subscription (usually monthly).

5.4 Termination

The subscription is without can be terminated until the end of the current subscription period. Termination can be done via the parent account at subscription.maneno.co.uk.

The termination must take place no later than 16 days before the start of a new period - otherwise the subscription is renewed automatically.

6 Restrictions on the use of servce

Only Members with legal access to Maneno may use the Maneno Service, and only for the Member's own individual use.

The member may not copy, lend or rent either e-books or audiobooks from Maneno.
The member may not, in whole or in part, copy books or anything else from Maneno for his own or anyone else's use.
The member may not use words or expressions in readings, comments or recommendations of e-books, in any forum that may be linked to the Company that may appear discriminatory, offensive or offensive.

The Subscriber is not entitled to transfer his rights and obligations under these Terms without the written consent of the Company.

If the Company becomes aware that a user has violated the above, access to Maneno will be immediately blocked and the Subscriber / Licensee responsible for the relevant Member's access will be informed of the reason why the user's access has been blocked.

7 The Company Rights and Obligations

The User has access to the Service around the clock, seven days a week. However, the company does not guarantee that the service is always free from errors or interruptions. In the event of any disruption or interruption in access to the Service, the Company is permitted to attempt to resolve the issue without this being deemed to be a breach of the Agreement with the Subscriber.The company is not responsible for any interference on the mobile network, the Internet or in the user's local network access.

The company also has the right, to a reasonable extent, to completely or partially close the Maneno Service temporarily, for example in connection with updating the Maneno App.The company has the right to transfer all or part of its rights and obligations under these terms to third parties.

8 Personal information

For the purpose of fulfilling the purpose of the Maneno Service, as well as billing and marketing, the Company collects and processes personal information about the Subscriber, the Supervisor and the Member.

The processing takes place in accordance with the Company's current Privacy Policy, which can be continuously updated within the framework of the personal data legislation by notification to the Subscriber and Licensee.

The personal information the company collects and processes

- Data collected in connection with the Member's use of the Maneno Service, including read books, reading speed and spoken readings.
- The subscriber's and Member's personal information (for example when creating and updating a parent account and user profile / s)
- Data collected about activity on www.maneno.co.uk, as well as other digital resources (eg support site, emails and user forums) collected using cookies.

When registering a parent account, the current Privacy Policy is approved in electronic form. The Subscriber can always read the current Privacy Policy at www.maneno.co.uk, just as the Subscriber by sending a support to support@maneno.co.uk will receive the policy. The subscriber can also get more information about the Company's processing of personal information at www.maneno.co.uk.

9 Content Disclaimer

We accept no liability for, and provide no guarantee that, the functions and information contained on Maneno are error free, or that this site or the server that makes it available are virus free or represent the full functionality, accuracy or reliability of the materials.

Where errors are brought to our attention we will take all reasonable endeavours to rectify them however we provide no guarantee that defects will automatically be corrected.

We will accept no liability for any loss or damage including, without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the use of our services.

We also accept no responsibility or liability for the statements or opinions published in the content provided on the platform.

For clarity, the books made available on Maneno is:
- coming directly from publishers
- enhanced with information and content from 3rd party providers such as Amazon Polly, ElevenLabs, Play.ht, Google, OpenAI and generative AI tools that may or may not contain accurate information.

The contents of this disclaimer shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Any dispute arising from this disclaimer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

We work hard to ensure accuracy and currency of the content. However, the information and service provided (including third-party information, products and services), is provided 'as is', that is without any representation or endorsement made and without warranty of any kind.

10 Disputes

The company has the right to terminate the agreement with a subscriber with immediate effect if there is reason to suspect that a subscriber does not fulfill the terms of this agreement.

Any dispute between the Company and the subscriber, the parties must initially try to resolve amicably. If the parties cannot agree, the subscriber can bring the case before the Consumer Complaints Board if the case meets the conditions for this. When submitting a complaint, our e-mail address support@maneno.co.uk must be provided.

Any of the parties can also bring the dispute before the ordinary courts of England and Wales.

Copyright © 2022 Maneno Limited. All rights reserved.